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How To: Camera Bag

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Not all digital cameras (or other gadgets) come with a dedicated bag. Not always using a generic bag is the option. Could be too big, too small, wrong color, wrong style … That is when making you own comes in play. Not too difficult, not too easy (that depends on the features) project for some evenings. Have fun. (This is not a typical “how to” with do this do that. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, I hope looking at the pictures will be self-explanatory enough.)

As most of the time, it all starts with pattern … here is how to make one …

And we are ready to transfer the pattern pieces onto the fabric … and cut everything out

Now lets saw everything together … could be tricky, careful planning is important.

And every (most) good bags also need a decent carry strap … here made from 50mm webbing

And voila!