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Sponges – KiDiRs™

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UpCycled, ReUsable, Durable, Cute … Sponges

Maybe you can’t change the world, however you can change your sponge …
I had to try before sharing, so here it comes.

Kitchen Dishwashing rags – Made of 100% bio-degradable (natural) fibers – old cotton towels and new linen fabric (if i get a source of used linen I can try that too). I’ve been using them for 4 months now. Washing them and using over and over again.

Result: positive , I don’t have to throw away anymore synthetic sponges made of polyester or polyurethane.

Now in stock. Set of 3 for 2€ (+ postage – worldwide available) until end of 2019. From 01/01/2020 the price goes up: pack of 3 for 5€ + postage (worldwide available)